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About Us

About us? About me really.......I'm David Saxby, I stand behind the shop counter, and my name is on the door, and if I put a product on the market, it has to be the best in the world. My background in tailoring goes back to the sixties, the tail-end of the glory days of UK manufacturing. Sadly 99% of the UK factories have gone, and with them the skills we had. 

The first jacket I bought for myself was a "Pychley" tweed hacking jacket, by Phillips and Piper, of Ipswich, and I used Phillips and Piper, who became known as "Lambourne" to make garments for me, until, like all the other firms that I had dealt with, they closed down. I managed to assemble my own workforce from the redundant staff, and now enjoy complete control over every stitch in every garment. My head cutter has more experience cutting tweed jackets than anyone else in the UK, and I personally take care that only the best materials, and trimmings are used in a David Saxby garment

I'm still fiddling around with this site, and more information and products will be added shortly. In the meantime, please take a look at the gallery to see what is possible.............David